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Pace Emergency Alert System

What is the Pace Emergency Alert System?

The Pace Emergency Alert System is a system used to send notifications to the Pace community. These notifications can be emergency messages such as security alerts, weather advisories, and school closings, or just news alerts, such as sports news, campus-specific announcements, IT news, etc.

Who receives these notifications?

You can sign up with any device that is SMS capable (most modern cell phones have this capability). Any account you subscribe with will automatically receive emergency notifications sent to your group (students, faculty, and/or staff). You can also subscribe to optional lists with any account.

I don't have a cell phone/My phone is not SMS-capable...

If you don't have a SMS-capable cell phone, you can sign up instead with a non-Pace e-mail account. This e-mail account will receive any notification as a small text-only e-mail instead. To get started, log in below, add your account, then follow the instructions to confirm that account.

Log in here to get started

Use your MyPace username and password to log in below. If you are a parent or relative of a Pace University student, please have them log in and register you on their behalf.

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